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APA/AICP Exam Update Reources
January 16, 2017

The APA/AICP has updated ​the exam content and reading list for planning professionals sitting for the exam beginning in May 2017. This is the first comprehensive update of the AICP Certification Exam since 2007​. Below is information you need to prepare for the exam.

AICP CM Distance Learning Opportunities

Below are links to free or low cost training sessions that have been approved for AICP CMs.


CM Credit Opportunities - Updated!

Does your employer provide in-house staff training sessions ? Are you interested in obtaining CM credits by attending on-the-job training? It's possible that your staff trainings are eligible for AICP CMs. Applying for CMs is quick and easy. Contact your Central Coast Section Professional Development Officer, Lilly Rudolph, at lrudolph (at) rinconconsultants.com to learn how.

AICP Exam Assistance

Your Central Coast Section Professional Development Officer is available to help you prepare for the AICP exam! If you need advice on applying to take the exam, access to free study materials, or a just some words of encouragement, please do not hesitate to contact Lilly Rudolph.

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