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The APA California Awards Program encourages quality in planning and increases the public's awareness of the planning profession by recognizing outstanding achievements in the planning field. The Central Coast APA California Awards Program annually presents numerous Central Coast Planning Awards to honor and recognize outstanding efforts and achievements in planning in the Central Coast Section. The Central Coast Planning Awards Event is a chance for APA Members, colleagues, and friends to gather for a splendid evening of cocktails, dinner, entertainment and a planning showcase of awards. This is the Central Coast Section's one event that all three counties can meet and greet each other and we can see colleagues we haven't seen in a while and we always have an opportunity to meet new ones!


The 2018 Planning Awards will be held this year in San Luis Obispo and is tentatively set for May 5, 2018. Stay tuned for announcements on the program.

Online registration is will be available soon, but is not available at this time. Please note that due to the nature of this event, all ticket sales for attendance will end prior to the event date. No additional registrations will be allowed at the door.


The purpose of the APA's California Awards Program is to encourage quality in planning and increase the public's awareness of the planning profession through recognizing outstanding achievement in the planning field. APA California annually presents numerous Planning Awards to honor the most outstanding efforts in planning in California. The program honors innovative plans and projects, distinguished APA members, contributors to planning, and the achievements of APA California Sections.


The Central Coast Section of APACA is requesting planning award nominations for the 2018 Central Coast Planning Awards!  The deadline for nominations is close of business day on February 23, 2018. Submit a planning award nomination by reviewing and following the instructions on the Planning Awards 2018 Nomination Form.  

Categories and policies may be obtained at the APACA website at apacalifornia.org/events/awards-program where you will find more information on types of categories and projects the APACA and the Central Coast Section are looking for.  Projects should be located within the tri-county section and/or the firm or agency should be located within the tri-county area.  Projects receiving Excellence recognition are eligible to compete in the APACA State Awards program. 

Contact Hollee L. King, AICP, at holle@sitespacificplanning.com or 805-901-2261 for more information on the Central Coast Section’s Awards Program or to submit your nomination.

Awards Nomination and Submission Details:

  • Nominations will be evaluated for the award category in which they were submitted. However, the Central Coast Section Award Jury may, upon majority vote, move a nomination to a different category, if appropriate.
  • Nominations are eligible to receive an Award of Excellence or an Award of Merit. Only one winner for each type of award per category. An Award of Excellence award is eligible to participate in the State APACA Awards Competition.
  • Award Winners will be notified. The level of award will not be announced until the Awards Program. Anyone not receiving an award will be notified as well.
  • Final Deadline For Award Nomination Submissions: February 23, 2018 


There are still spots open for jurors!  Jurors are needed this year to evaluate the Award Nominations.  You do not need to be a member of APA to be a Juror.    This is your chance to participate in an exciting process to review the best projects of our Section!  Please contact Hollee King AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to express your interest.  You must be available for a three-hour meeting sometime in the week of March 26th and the day of the Awards Event (tentatively set for May 5, 2018).    


Contact Hollee L. King, AICP at hollee@sitespacificplanning.com or 805-901-2261 for more information on the Central Coast Section's Awards Program.


Please help support the Awards program. Sponsorships are needed to keep the ticket costs low and allow students to participate at a reduced price. Many levels of agency sponsorships are available and individual sponsorships are also welcomed. Become a sponsor using the online form below:

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